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Suvam Dey Biswas

Hi, myself, Suvam—the owner and founder of Canvas( By profession, I'm a passionate photographer and wedding filmer. Primarily, I work for our company, but I do a lot of freelance work too. Wedding and Portfolio shoots are the primary genre of my work.  Shooting the beauty of people, it may be a gorgeous wedding bride on her precious wedding day or a sitter who holds a complex character for a makeup artist or a designer is the treasure of my photography.  Expressing and exposing a character from his or her inner and outer soul is very precious for me. No, I am not claiming that I am the best photographer, who can give you the best results, but I will promisingly provide my best effort, skills, and creativity at every time of the shoot for you. And, one more thing, I'm not suggesting or going to offer you an over-edited photo like a wax statue. Still, I will give some magical Photoshop touches on your photographs to make your photos more realistic, thematic, composite, dramatic, and mostly that kind, which can express you, your surroundings, the theme, and yourself. That's it; I put some basic sample photographs, clicked and edited by me under this article. I hope you will like those photos and give me an opportunity to work for you. If not, please feel free to criticise it and help me to provide you a more satisfying result at the time of your shoot.


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